Nourish Your Journey is our speciality program whereby you can choose the type and number of consultations based on what support you require.


Each program is individually tailored to meet the needs of the client, at an affordable cost.  We offer clinic appointments, home visits, phone and Skype calls and email support ensuring contact is easily maintained and treatment outcomes are achieved.

Too often we have clients that have previously seen a health professional that has not adequately supported them, and they have come away with more questions than answers. We aim to build a supportive relationship so the client feels comfortable that their needs are being met.

How could this work for you?

You may be pregnant with your first baby and need advice about what your nutritional needs are, followed by how to support breastfeeding when the mini arrives and then information regarding introducing first foods.  Throughout this time Mama + Mini Nutrition will be a familiar face, providing you with up to date information that can be implemented in your real life situation when the need arises.  

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