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Hi I'm Kirsty, a Dietitian with over 14 years experience in research, private practice and community health.  I have spent a number of years helping individuals improve their health with lifestyle changes particularly those with heart related conditions, diabetes and weight loss.

Now as a mama of two young daughters, I recognise the importance of supporting mamas and caregivers raising healthy and happy families and aim to provide an individualised holistic approach.  This journey begins from pre pregnancy through to birth and throughout childhood. I know first hand how daunting it can be for mamas during this journey, particularly with the different pressures in society and the conflicting information that is readily available on how we should nourish our families. I love to chat with mamas about these issues and support them to make the journey as easy and enjoyable as can be.

I am also a member of the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) and am currently training as a breastfeeding counsellor, which means I am one step closer to my dream of becoming a lactation consultant!



Grow  Nourish  Enjoy



I cater to  clients who are preparing for pregnancy or who are in the pre- and post-natal stages of motherhood.  This includes those who are hoping to conceive, those who are currently pregnant and those who have had a baby.


Getting your body ready for pregnancy is an important goal for optimal fertility and a healthy mama and mini during pregnancy.


After you have had a baby it is important to ensure that you are nourished and at peak health to support your own well being and that of your mini during your motherhood journey.

I also help mamas with food sensitive minis, particularly breastfed babies.    Having had difficulties with breastfeeding myself, I am a strong advocate for educating and supporting women who wish to breastfeed and making it as smooth sailing as possible.


Preparing for and growing a mini demands extra nutrients for both mama and baby.  At Mama + Mini we believe acting as support for women from start to finish reduces stress and anxiety in every stage, which leads to a happy mama and therefore a happy family.

The perfect guide for soon to be Mum's


Understanding how busy life can be, especially with mini's is our speciality.  We have been through those hard times where you don't want to leave the house but need advice.  We offer various consult options to suit every Mama and/or caregivers needs.

Gain all the information you need, in a setting that suits you.


Clinic:   The Healing Point 

              Unit 2/ 75 Queen Victoria St, Fremantle  

Tel:      0409 023 962




Have a group of friends/family/acquaintances that have questions about womens health/pregnancy or child related?  We offer a range of informal sessions that ensure questions are answered at a time and place that suit you and your family.

A cost effective way to gain and share information


You can find us at several different locations, hosting workshops and information sessions to groups of mamas/caregivers that will enable you to gain skills and knowledge to support the nutritional needs of your family.


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